Controlled Luck!

Fingers crossed.

How true is it, that if you really want to fulfill your personal desire, the whole universe will conspire to help make it happen? Coz, if it’s so, then there’s something that I desire for, at the moment. Something that I’ve been strongly wishing for, for the past 3 years. Something that’s been my strongest desire in my life until now. And I want to know, if the whole world is conspiring at all.

This philosophy, which I came across in the Alchemist (one of the many books, which I havent managed to complete so far), has got me thinking. And at times, it makes me believe in it. The way my life’s moving and things are happening, I have no choice but to believe in it. I’ve tried all that I can, to give up on my wish. My desire. Knowing I’m asking for too much. Forcing myself to believe that it ain’t gonna work. But something or the other happens, and voila! Am back to square one. Just not able to let my dream go. Yearning for it to happen.

I have no choice but to believe, that the world does seem to be conspiring. Because, why else would I find myself in a dilemma, every time I let it go? And then on cloud 9, every time it’s back with me? Why does all this force me to believe that it means something. That probably it’s meant to be. And how I love to believe it does! Coz I strongly feel so!

There’s nothing about it that tells me to think twice. Or to move on. But almost everyting about it asks me to just hang on. Hold on for a while. Like everything’s soon gonna fall in place. Everything’s happening for the good. Something keeps telling me not to stop trying. The further I try moving away from my desire, the more I’m being pulled back to it. And that’s when I decide to give in. And to let the best happen. Coz I know, that what I wish for, is true. And hope, that when I wish from the bottom of your heart, the whole universe will conspire to help make it happen.

Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Wen d desire one has is tru n v let oursel at d mercy o our desire, den it is not easy to let go.V'l b in d middle o d ocean,n forgo d nearest island,but not our desire....4desire n belief n hope are wat tat keeps d human race goin...I sure doth kno if d whole world is comprisin,but if i'd d whole world at m disposal,den i'd sure make d whole world conspire4tat one desire o urs2b tru....

Jayasuryan said...

If its honest sicere n frm d bottom of ur heart
sure it will happen gal
in dis life or d nxt(thanx 2 OSO)
no kiddin ;)
If u aim for nothing but dat one
u very often get it. Its d cosmic law. D only difference is how honest u r with ur wish....
Its nothing but our desires(kamanas) dat keep pulling us back to d circle of life.
Only whn u get refined n ders not a single wish left, u break frm d circle n get liberated
(hope i didnt deviated frm d subject)
Sorry i havent read Alchemist so no comments.
But one thing i can assure u... abt whether it will happn or not.... just listen to ur inner voice.
Its first comment will be true(remember d first one)
d second voice wont be true its dat monkey again, ur mind.
Just listen to it... sure u will get a clue

Vibin said...

Hey babe!!! I thought I would put my thoughts in here. I'm not very much inspired by the work of Paulo Coelho and I found nothing special about 'The Alchemist'. I haven't got a chance to read any of his other books yet. I feel, The Alchemist says just another story. The language is very simple and it keeps ticking coz we can relate it as if we're reading a biography.

But unlike my friends and those blogs which said "The Alchemist is very inspiring", I found the book rather a longer version of granma's short stories except for one difference; in the latter, at the end, we hear, "So the moral of the story is..." whereas here everything is implicit in his words. Thats a good thing obviously, but we knew it. There is nothing new in that story.

But that doesn't mean that its a bad choice to read The Alchemist. Obviously its a good book where the author has successfully merged philosophy, kinda non-fiction into a beautiful story of Maktabs. :-) But, to be frank, I dont wanna believe in all those omens, the blue stone red stone concept. Also, talking to the wind and the sky do make some sense sometimes but a conversation is total insanity.

I guess its your mind which does most of the work. You fight it; YOU make the world conspire and there you are. If you dont; you're the same person out here in this... world. Belief in omens are needed for the weaker mind to use them as support shoulders. If you're strong enough u dont need any.

jaya said...

Thats exactly what human nature is all about.You give up hope easily but somehow or somewhere deep inside you a voice calls out and tells you,''Don't give up!If its truly awhat you deserve then be sure theres a rainbow and a pot of gold at the far end of it!Try reaching for it!

Umesh said...

Alchemist makes the statement look damn easy. i personally dont believe in the philosophy too much. But something which i found funny was when i started getting calls from placemenet agencies just after when i had thought of making a move from my then workplace. Till then no one had ever called me...

Vivek said...

Hmmmmmmmmm.. nice post...

Am not sure whether the worl is conspiring to make ur wishes true.... but some one there is making things happen..

Am in search for him... if found, I would definitely ask him to make ur wish come true first....

Sit tight girl.... I have found him....

shhhhhhhh.. am going to ask him about you.... lets see...

claytonia vices said...

I have seen that when I have a goal in mind, a dream, and if I set on the first thing I do that seems to take me there, slowly but surely, and unexpectedly, many things have happened that made it easier for me to go in that direction.

You can either say the universe conspired to make that happen or it just might be that since our minds are focused in a certain direction, we spot more opportunities that take us closer to achieving our dreams. But it works! :)

So keep doing the next best thing that you could possibly do and you love to do and things will start showing you the way.

Saritha Rajagopal said...

@claytonia. Welcome to destiny.

A very valid point there. I may have thought about it sometime. But never really, put a conscious thought there for sure.

Thanks. And do keep visiting.

Vik said...

I guess it is quite simple - it is just about out of the zone. To move, now that is one helluva of a job. Coz we are so used to the dimensions where we live, think, talk, do stuff, hang out, read blah blah blah. Now if there is any change, that is when we would start reacting big time and to top it all that we think of doing at one time or the other, is something that is not really threatening our life. Say for example, I might want to do a higher study, whether I do that or not, is not going to decide how long I live? So if I procrastinate that life is still good. How about a guy doing something like saying no to water in a desert? There even if the mind is saying no, the heart is pleading no, the guy would still go in search.

Now, half the philosophical books have this theme undercurrent. In Alchemist you talked about, some might feel it was bad that the guy spoke with the sky and heard something and all that but you know something called the instinct, that would jive well with these unknown things that we perceive ... Now without digressing, these books talk about how to move along the comfort zone in us and yet get the meaning of life and existence.

Interesting! Nonetheless, now that I spammed your blog area, have a good night

Saritha Rajagopal said...

@ vik: Hey, i think I get wut u say. I've just been sitting like that and doing nutin much boutit, hoping that the world is conspiring. That if I am destined fur sumtin then it'll happen come wut may? And u're right bout finding it difficlut to move from one's routine. Ive always felt that and have told myself dis several times. But I guess, at times, u just dont have to do anytin. U decide or feel sumtin aint suppsoed to happen, but things just seem to happen. Ok, like ur desert story. What if this guy decided he is not destined die thristy and someone comes to him with water? He never went in search of it.He wus prepared to die. But wusn't allowed to. Life came searching fur him? Now that's sumtin that's happenin to me! :) Ive decide to accept reality and move on. But sumtin's not letting me do that. Then?

Spandana said...

lovely post!
i am going tru something very similar.
i cannot get opver it and neither am i able to achieve what i'm desiring however hard i try.
a conscience i havewhich keeps telling me that watver im wishing is bound to happen someday and at the same time,practically,all odds are aginst it.but i soo love this desire that i dont want to let it go!
loved reading your post.

Harish said...

So that's where it came from. I thought SRK & team just made it up when he said 'jab tum kuch sache dil se maango to saari kaaynaat tumhare kamyaabi mein jut jaati hai' or something of that nature. So it was from the Alchemist.

Thank you Sweets. This was bothering me for so long. You cleared it for me.

Oh and btw good luck with your desire ;)

Jokes apart, remember a dialogue that akshaye khanna delivers in DCH to that girl who cries for Amir. He takes some sand in his hand and tells her that the more you close the palm of your hand the more the sand goes out of the hand.

So the more you want it the more far away it seems to go. Its natural. I can totally relate to you.

Its just that there are certain things that we just want so much that we cant wait for it to happen at its own time. We just simply dont want to.

Anyways all the best of good luck!

B said...

I like that universe conspiring shahrukh dialogue too..it is very meaningful

But I guess what it comes down to is that, when one realizes what they really want then they choose to only see/notice the things that are pointing/helping them towards that goal. Get it? If not, I dont know I hope u do.

Anonymous said...

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