An Evening To Remember

Like any other reunion, this one was really special too. Though attended by just 6 of us, we brought alive the memories of an entire class of 40. Reliving each moment, each study hour and each leisure period. We sang the songs, once sung for class Antaksharis. Laughed at the goof ups made for class competitions. And teased someone for being the teacher’s pet. In short, it was an evening filled with laughter. When we laughed for funny reasons. Sometimes for no reason at all.

Well, I guess that’s the beauty of togetherness. When you need no reason to be happy. You’re happy just because you’re together. In the company of those whom you love. Adore. Or those who make you feel comfortable just like that. After spending a huge part of your life with someone, there ought to be a level of comfort with them. And amongst us, it was high up there. When you know that at the end of the day, come what may, they’re gonna be there for you.

5 was the time fixed. And like always, it was 6 by the time we were all there. I was the first one. Oh no. Actually it was Krishna. He was there, looking smart in a white shirt and a well done hairdo. Poor guy was there since 430. Not so bored though. Because Cocoa tree was filled with all tweety birds and tinkerbells. So the only problem he faced, was not knowing which direction to turn to. But soon entered the witch in the happy fairytale. Me, myself and all the bad luck for Poor Krishna!  I almost sprained my neck trying to look at him when he stood up. But he was sweet enough to bend down, share a hug and put me to ease.

So, there we were. He, already nibbling on a ham sandwich and a weird looking green drink. And me, trying to make conversation (It was our first “date” after weeks of long chat) and helping him with the sandwich. Assuming he was struggling with it. ;) And always ready to help with food!

It was not long, and there came in the most popular guy (as I would like to believe) in school. Rajesh. In a pleasant yellow Kurta. And his cool dude looks. No matter how hard he tries to put on that “I’m a dude, U” look, he’s always gonna be the guy who tired to impress the girls with his funny actions and witty words in lower primary school. Can’t stop smiling thinking of those days. 

We continued the chat, and soon were joined by the husband and wife couple Mr. and Mrs. Praveen. A man of few words, Praveen and I have shared very little in the past 20 years. Yeah! Despite me being a chatterbox. I always respected his silence. And never wished to gatecrash. But that evening, it was different. I spoke to him, perhaps, like I never did. And what he said made so much sense. For the first time I regretted not speaking to him all these years. But it’s till not too late I guess. What say Praveen? 

And then came the show catcher. The one and only. Stany. A guy who can get you rolling on the floor laughing, make you stand up, dust your clothes and wonder, “So what was so funny after all?” And before you get the answer, you’ll find yourself on the floor again. That’s him. I still can’t figure out if it’s his style, or his jokes that’s funnier. But all said and done its great having him
around. All you need to do is, think twice before you say anything. Coz he’s someone who can make a joke out of all that you say. And take my word; you’ll be surprised to see the way he does it.

So there we were. Six of us. Giggling for nothing. Placing orders for all strange sounding and weird looking things on the menu. Clicking snaps. And having a jolly good time. 

A few hours there and we decide to try out some other place. There was a long debate on where to go next. Breadworld. Varkeys. Barrista. Whew. And finally who won? Any doubts? Yours truly after all! ;) So we all headed towards Marine Drive. Me on Rajesh’s Charizma, (Stany claims that the bike had its front wheel on air coz I sat at the back –FUNNY EH?)Krishna with Stany on his bike and the couple, in a rick.

Bay pride mall was crowded. So we made ourselves comfortable on the benches outside, by the backwaters. Munching on corn.  Yummy! (But eating my head! Ugh! ;) )Slowly we moved on to the floating restaurant. A beautiful place to be. Some of us even wished we were with our loved ones on the rooftop, under the starlit sky with the cool winds blowing.  Truly romantic.

Soon it was time for us to take leave. And that’s when it struck us that, we hadn’t ordered anything. Now how to leave without having anything was the question. So it was decided to settle on fruit juice.  And there, the table was set. With coloured glasses. Orange, “green” (again), Yellow. Any guesses whose the green one was? Obviously, Krishna’s! Dunno why he has this thing with greens! But it tasted good. Cucumber juice. Something new to all of us.

And so like that, we could finally walk out with our heads up. And take with us memories of a great evening. Along with some undying memories. For a lifetime. And no matter what our life has in store for each one of us, we are sure that some things are definitely not going to change. No matter in which corner of the world we are, the relationship we share will bring us together some day. Either in a coffee shop or on a roof top.

Cheers guys! To an eternal friendship!