It's different!

Some people like to be different. And that's all they like to be. Different from everyone. And the way they try hard to be so! It becomes so predcitable after a while. You knw what's going on in their mind. You know what they'd have to say about something.

And somehow you tend to give less importance to their opinion. Coz you aren't sure whether they really mean what they're saying. Or they're just saying it for the sake of being different. For example, when a whole bunch of people think a movie is made really well, this particular category of people may differ in opinion. He/she may deny it completely, and think the film was crap!

Probably they really meant it. Perhaps they do have an opinion of their own. But after a certain while, it comes quite redundant. You begin wondering if they did feel so. You tend to think otherwise. And so even if they do have a serious opinion about something, you aren't sure about it.

It's their way of standing out in a crowd. Coz when they say something different, all heads turn to them and ask them why they felt so. And that's all that they want. And well, if they have their arguments in place then kudos to them!

We all do it. We've all wanted to be different at some point or the other. And we've been so some way or the other. Either by arguing with out folks, fighting for our rights, convincing them that we're right, differing from what they have to say. Not really because they're wrong, but because you don't want to admit that they are right.

To let them know that you have an opinion of your own too. That you no longer need them to
decide for you. And no matter how hard they try to make you understand, you try harder to prove your point.

We do it to impress someone at times. By going against what the group thinks and giving your own piece of argument for it. And then you become the centre of attraction. It's your opinion that begins to matter.

Similarly, when a group agrees on a virtue in you. There'll definitly be someone who wishes to disagree. Which may or may not hurt you. You either take it as a constructive critiscism or as one of those "wanna be different" comments.

We defy, defend, disrupt, deviate do everything. Just to be different. Like the old malayalam saying " mookilla raajyathe murumookan raajav" In a land of noseless people, the one with a cut nose becomes king!

So, how long does being different for the sake of it, really make you so? I think if we really think different, then we better make a difference with it. That's where the difference lies!


Are you busy?

I think I have a theory here. Or perhaps an argument. You may even wanna call it an obesrvation. Or wutever!

I simply can't understand why people have the "busy" icon beside their name in an instant messenger. See, my argument is as follows:

1 . I find it quite unfathomable, when you have the busy icon beside
your name, in order to let others know that you're busy.

2. Because, I can have the symbol beside my name, and still be
chatting with people or surfing the net or doing something abolsutely
unconstructive. I'm not busy. But still have the world to believe I am.

3. Now, if you're really busy with something, so much so, that you arent
even in front of your computer, then the sign automatically changes to idle.
Which, I think, makes a lot more sense. Although it says idle, it only means
idle in chat. But busy with something else.

4. And finally, if you're really busy, have no time to respond to
messages and wish not to be disturbed, then why log into chat in the first
I've always found this extremely difficult to understand. Anyone out there with a convincing argument?


Nibulithic Age English!

Like all those who've known me for a while say; I don't really need a reason to laugh my heart out. But of late, it's different. Thanks to Nibu. My collegue, senior and a great friend!

While on one hand I get to learn loads from this guy his unusually distinct sense of humour can get me rolling on the floor. He has a unique way of converting even a normal, everyday usage into something witty. Here's a sample:
"How many times are there?" - What's the time?
"How many rupees are there in this biriyani?" -How much does
this biriyani cost?
This one's my favourite:
"Thankyou vaari kori much" -Thankyou very much!
And people say I laugh with no reason?
*Vaari kori in malayalam means, heaps and loads*


AUTOmatic response!

Left work early today. Acha had a rotary meeting to attend and so I had to find my own means of transport. I was pretty apprehensive about that, coz acha said there's a huge block on MG Road and Chittoor road. And the attitude of cochin auto waalas are unbearable at times!! They just need to hear the word "blo" somewhere, and they decide not to budge from where they stand.

However, hoping for the best, I walked towards the main road trying to pataaofy some auto guys using my charm. ;) Everything was a mess. Slushy roads, my any minute breakable chappals and the long and loose salwars that loved taking a dip into the puddles! Yuck!

Me with a stern look, stood by the road, waiting for an empty auto. At times, u feel like a total waste standing there when the auto guys dont even give you a look and just speed off. And all that attitude you wore on your face all that while just vanishes!

I got empathising looks from people who passed by. Perhaps they wondered how no autos could slow down by a pretty young girl like me. ;) Yeah! None of the autos which stooped were willing to take me where I wanted to go either. " Ayyo bhayanagara blockaa" ( there's a huge block) I tried my best to convince him how badly I needed to get home. Like he bothered!

So I spent a good half hour standing there watching autos pass by, dodging in between to avoid water splashes. (That's the last thing I wanted) and mumbling to myself about how unfortunate my bad luck was!

And finally it dawned to me that there were other means of transport too. Like the bus! And so I walked towards to bust stop. Within no time, I wus inside the bus. Comfortably seated by the window and letting the cool winds caress my face. (Suddenly, the rains looked so beautiful).

Soon I reached my destination. And just to add to everything, I realised that I hadnt carried my umbrella! So there I was, covering my head with my palm ( I still wonder y people do that. It hardly helps) and running towards the auto stand. All drenched by now. Thankfully!! I found an auto, and the driver with a pleasant smile, let me in and agreed to drop me at my place.

And just as he took a U turn towards my house, I caught a glance of a family standing by the road. They looked at me and I knew exactly what they thought. :) "Lucky her!" I truly wished they didn't have to stand there for long and hoped that they got an auto who understood that no matter how bad a block is, it's just the matter of time. And as long as there's an engine running and tyres moving, they'll get out of it.

Or does it mean that if there's a block somewhere, anyone who needs to go towards that direction has to cancel his plans?



A new blog has come!

Now dats more like it. Blogging's getting interesting now. Thanks Ooomz!!! :) I'll have more stuff posted now. Not just cribbings.

Hey! Dats wut I though blogging was all bout! Just realsied I wus wrong..wut wud I do if not fur u Ooomz! ;)