Story of my life

I see a face;

Quite far away.

The hair, the lips;

A mirage you could say.

I start a little slow.

With doubts in my head.

Do I walk towards him?

Or should I just stay?

I think no more.

I decide to move.

I walk straight ahead.

As my steps gain pace.

He’s still right there.

Like he’s waiting for me.

My eyes stay fixed.

And my breath gains speed.

I now see the checks.

On a full sleeved shirt.

They’re blue with some red.

Or wait, is it grey?

There’s a faint little smile.

Is that a dimple that I see?

My heart beats faster.

And my feet go numb.

I take another step.

From just another three.

I reach for him.

I pout my lips.

And like a funny joke of destiny.

A stranger crosses my way.