And yet, it was there…

Wandering eyes, deaf went ears
I spoke from my heart, with no one to hear
A forced little smile, a good word or two,
Is what I wished, a little more from you.

Harsh were those tones, when words pierced deep,
The truth was in your eyes, when you tried to be neat.
From somewhere behind, the corner of my heart,
I wished I went blind, so I could still love your name
And yet, it was there, amidst all despair

I lost it quite often, but found it soon again
And now I try to loose it, but it happens just in vain
My friend it is, my power to push the pain inside
It’s there no matter what, amidst all despair

And yet, its there amidst all despair
Hoping to find one more of its pair,
And in my search for another one,
I almost forgot that I’m loosing mine

Do I keep searching for more?
Or do I stop and look for mine?

When Helius Returned…

It was when feelings unfurled
And the heart opened wide
Down poured a gush
Of all that was once untold

Tickles from within
Brought out the smile, never so shy
Tears filled in the eyes
Which never wished to cry

Thoughts crossed to and fro
With secrets no more
It was when two hearts met
And yet left a lot unsaid

Little did I know

Little did I know…
That a heart so sensitive
One that could never stand

The anguish of a loved one,
The fears of a close one,
Would one fine day be the reason for the same

The path that moved towards a happy end
Would one day take a turn half way
And reach a land where one knew not
The meaning of love, the power of a smile

There were days, when I needed no reason to smile
But searched for one, when my loved ones cried
They often struck back as tears to my eye
And yet I believed, in the magic of a smile.

Little did I know…
That a heart filled with love,
For a close one’s smile,
Would have to search for reasons so many,
And yet fail to find any.

Little did I know…