From there to here.

So long old!

It was nice knowing you, not! Your silly surprises, your dirty tricks. Keep them safe in your deep, dark burrow. That funny feeling that you gave me when I was low? Tuck it under your bed and lie dead on it. Don’t move. Rusted dreams. Cobwebbed memories. Give them to your children. Or even better, put them in a backpack and go take a hike. And never return. Those secrets that you and I shared? Let them out to the world. Coz I don’t really care. I know you’ll keep trying over and again, to lure me into your company. Into your world of negativity. Isn’t that where you are at your best? Isn’t that where you make love with wrath? And make babies and name them fear, guilt and insecurity? I hate you old. Hate you with all my heart. So stay away from me, really. I’ve moved away from you. I’ve left you far behind. Left you to the vultures. Who’ll peck on you, tear you apart and leave no trace of you. So that when I look behind, which God forbid I won’t, I see nothing that’s you. Nothing that’s old. And then I’ll look ahead and keep moving forward. So long old. Take that! The finger!

Hello there new!

I love you. Already.  And I’m sure we have a very long way to go, together. We have so much to do. And I can’t wait to live each and every moment that’s waiting for us. I’m sure you’ll love me just as much as I love you. I can see that already. That smile on my face you brought along with you? That was just a sign of the good days to come. That was just the beginning, I know. Starting here new, you and me will walk together to a happily ever after. You know what I see now? I see jealousy talking sweet to me. I see bitchy being friends with me. I see fear trying too hard to get me. New, I love the change you’ve brought with you. I know that some day, that’ll change too. But I’m sure I’ll love the new change too. Oh and I love your friends too new. Positive, happy and strength especially. They just took me into their arms, the very first day I met you. And I’m sure I’ll have them with me as long as I have you. And that I know, will be forever. I love you new. I love you so very much. Muah!