What's in his mind?

“Men. Who says they aren’t complicated?”

“Really? So then why was I under this misconception?”
“Um…probably coz you didn’t want to accept reality”

Her lips twitched.

I agree
To hell with your philosophy.

I wonder which of these it meant.

Sammy has the sweetest boyfriend in this world. So she thinks. Like any other girl does in the first one year. 4 months in Sammy’s case. But here, I’d give Sammy’s verdict a ten on ten with a star. Tarun was definitely a find.

They met at the fish market. Yea, of all the places. Smelly hands, maroonish plus blackish gooey stuff – (worse than what you think girls) all over and semi reddish puddles of water that lies stagnant. Sammy in her striped pyjamas, a double XL t-shirt that read ‘I know where you’re looking, you pevert” and of course her blue and white chappal that went perfectly with her looks that day.

The most unromantic “pehli nazar” that led to, what Sammy calls, a perfect relationship. Tarun couldn’t help noticing how she knew each and every monger there and how they behaved like one big family for those few minutes when Sammy was there. “He fell for my socializing skills” Sammy would say raising her eyebrows and sighing with it.

Tarun adored Sammy. Unlike most guys I’ve met, he respected his girl. He admitted he was wrong when he was, and apologized like a kid when he hurt her. His face would shrink with guilt when he made a mistake or when a tear rolled down her eye. Tarun was a great guy. A rare human being who understood another. There were days when Sammy would come home with a smile so wide, it would show on your face too.

To him, Sammy was his kid. It was a pleasure to see him treat her like a toddler. The way he tilted his head, looked into her eyes and smiled when she sulked and complained. The way he would kiss her forehead and hold her tight when she cried. And the way he would punch her lightly on her arm when she told him how she hated the way the girl in the coffee shop flirted with him. Everything about it was so happy and so real.

He wasn’t really the all mush kinds either. There were days when he behaved like she was nothing more than a friend to him too. Like the day she complained about men being complicated. They would have the most amazing conversation but to put it in Sammy’s words, he would seem distant. Like he was talking to any other close friend of his. And this disturbed her.

How could a guy who could one day make you feel like there’s a butterflies family meet in your stomach, who looks into your eyes and makes you want to melt, who holds your hand and takes away every little fear from your mind, one fine day talk to you like it’s a formality he’s fulfilling. This confused Sammy. And me.

Could these be instances when guys think twice about their decisions and regret about it somewhere for some strange reason? Or is it just one of those days when they don’t feel the love. Or a passing phase when they think about their life, their career, their future all of which got lost somewhere between all the romance? Or are we women just over reacting? Oh please guys, stop nodding so hard.

Sammy looked at me with those twitched lips, straightened them and nodded. “You’re right.” She said.

I shrugged. Was I?