Let go.

I let go. Let go off old smiles and put on new ones. Might look fake to you now, but soon you’ll get used to them. For all you know, they might just start looking real after a while. I let go. Let go off the memories that stuck to me like on old spider’s web. It was tough taking them off. One by one. One stickier than the other. But I managed to get them all off. You might see a few here and there, coz they’ve gone deep down into the skin. Finding a place for itself, like a home of its own. So they might remain. But not for too long, for sure. Coz I need to take them off too. I have no space for anything old anymore. I let go. Let go off all that’s old, disturbing and useless. I need them no more. I need to move on. I let go off old butterflies. Let them fly off. They danced in vain. Fluttered, but in pain. I almost killed them. Coz I didn’t need them. But I loved their moves, loved the songs. And so I just let them fly. To find a place where they can stay, where nobody tells them to go away. I let go off the shine in my eyes. I let go off the tears that they held. The dreams that they saw. Don’t call them dead, coz they’re just quiet. They speak no language. They see no dream. But they aren’t dead. I just let go off the life in them. I let go off the lump in my heart. The knot in my throat. I let go off all that’s stopped me from being me. I let go. Let go off the hope that put me to sleep. Hope that never saw the light of the day. Hope that spoke the language I knew. And said everything I ever wanted to hear. I let go. All that wrote a story called me. Or a chapter maybe. I turn the pages, smell a fresh new leaf. I let go the past. The future I see.