Communication gap!

The gender war has never been a subject of concern to me. Perhaps because I haven’t really felt the need for being at par with my fellow being of the opposite sex. Complacence. You could say. But from where I see it, it’s the company of some good men I keep. I haven’t really had fights with any of my male friends on what our responsibilities to the society are. They are people who are open to my views and never try to dominate theirs on mine. Vice versa as well.

There’s never been an instance where I’ve told myself, never trust men. I’ve had bad experiences, yes. But the instinct to set that as a bad example has never worked with me. To forgive, or not to forgive has always been a reason for dilemma. Which is why, perhaps, I continue interacting with them like nothing’s wrong. And I do not regret. I don’t feel bad.

But my concern begins here. This one’s addressed to all the men reading this. I want you to tell me, how you would you gauge a situation I’m about to describe. Let’s assume we know each other. We’re not really good friends or anything. We’re not even just friends. We’re just acquaintances. And have often exchanged a hi or a bye. And at some instance, phone numbers. With absolutely no “wrong” intentions. Neither of us.

And one day I see your number flashing on my screen. I pick it up with a smile, coz that’s your first call to me. And the feeling within me is a mix of wonder and curiosity. As a result of which follows the greeting. And you greet back. It’s a casual call you made. Or at least you made me believe so. And we begin talking.

Now I, the way I am, laugh more, talk less. (Well, not exactly less. But you know what I mean.) Like I’ve known you for ages. Crack jokes. Pull your leg. And you reciprocate the same way. And we hit it off really well. At the end of the conversation, I hang up telling myself: “Oh that was a nice conversation.” And it ends there.

What about you? Would you tell yourself “That was fast. She seems to be an easy prey”? Or would you feel the same I did? I would like to, and have always believed it’s the latter. But I’ve often been warned against fast and easy conversations. Been advised that I could probably be giving wrong signals. And that gives me bad feelings. Has often wanted me to erase conversations. Hated myself for being the way I am.

Am I wrong when I see it as a casual friendly conversation? When I don’t see the big deal in it and talk like I would talk to any other good friend? Why do you, if at all you do, take wrong signals? Feel that I’m being open to ideas? Is there something unnatural about me being the open, casual, way I am?

I’ve probably raised several eyebrows right here. If I have, guys this aint for you. For others with a smirk and the "I know what you’re talking about babe" look, read on. Perhaps you want to tell me something I don’t know. And should know. So be kind to comment. The ones with eyebrows raised can comment too. You’re probably few of those who talk the way I do. And think the way I do. So no one other than you can make me feel better. But no matter what you feel, let me know. Either ways, you’re helping.