A silent whisper,

I continue to be.

A shadow missed,

on the deserted street.

A speck of dust,

that nobody sees.

In ancient trunks,

and cobwebbed locks.

I lie inside,

a forgotten sigh.

Through dirty nights,

and foreseen dawns.

Im nothing new,

but a shade of grey.

Warm and calm,

I’ll always be.

A secret I am

I continue to be.


My funny bone.

I’m not the funny types. I’m not the one who can hold a straight face, crack a joke and have the whole room rolling on the floor laughing. That’s just not me. But yeah, I can laugh at your jokes. Each and every one of them. If your joke’s not funny, you still have no reason to worry. I’ll find them funny.
Probably, when God gave the funny ones a funny bone; he kept one last piece aside. One that had a problem. And to make sure it goes to the right person, he first tried it on himself. To his surprise, he noticed that, he just couldn’t crack a good joke anymore. People stopped looking up and going, “God, are you always this funny?” And instead, they went, “Hey you, up there! That was a bad one.”
However he noticed that often, very often, he looked down and cracked up at the silliest things man would do. Like when he planned his future or he worried about his past or cried over a lost opportunity. God would burst into the loudest, funniest, squeakiest laugh ever. Tears rolled down his cheeks, his stomach ached and he gasped for breath.
This went on for a while; until one day God decided that it’s time he parted with the funny bone and passed it on to somebody more deserving. Sitting on his mammoth throne, he looked around. And! He spotted me!
There she is!
I was in the car with a friend, having a very very heated argument. My friend, in his defense, addressed me in the loudest tone ever. “But Saritha!” And turned around, to find my eyes crinkle, nose cringe and lips widen. I burst into the most hysterical laugh ever. And that was just the beginning.
Honestly, the funny bone’s been quite a boon to me. And to some of my friends too. Today, I manage to laugh at almost everything around me. Nothing seems to be too serious or too boring. God’s been good to me. God ought to make more such mistakes. Give everybody a funny bone like mine.
Then there won’t be grumpy bosses anymore. They’ll be too funny, for you to notice their grumpiness. All that once made you sulk, will now make you laugh. Short deadlines will make the client look funny. That wannabe colleague, who stole your idea and got a raise, will look pathetically funny. That college sweetheart, who dumped you for Miss Fresh Face, will give you cramps in your tummy, as you laugh hard pointing your finger at him. The auto driver’s expression, when he charges extra, will look insanely funny. You’ll laugh at the weighing machine, you’ll laugh at those dark circles, and you’ll laugh every Monday morning. The “out of order” board on the lift will look funny and your boss’s mail, that says “not working”, will look funnier. When your bike stops half way, for the hundredth time in the past two months, you’ll kick it hard and then laugh at yourself.
You’ll realize that there’s so much to laugh at, than to cry for. There’s so much to brush aside than crib over. And then one day, God, from his mammoth throne, will look down with pride, and smile, as you laugh at your own mistakes.