What is it that makes it so difficult for us to accept rejection? Why do we constantly try and justify ourselves or convince ourselves that we are never wrong? How long does it take for us to let go off our egos and accept criticism with a smile?

We are super humans. Each and every one of us. Or so we think, no matter how much we deny it. No matter how weak we seem or behave, it takes a lot for us to nod to rejection. We are so strong-headed that we give no right to another, to tell us that we are no good.  That’s how highly we think of ourselves. That’s how superior we think of us as beings. That’s how powerful we are.

We are rebels. Even the most silent among us, is. It’s almost instinctive of us to react to a No. Maybe not physically, but mentally for sure. ‘Let me think about it. Yea, maybe. Really, you think so? But , don’t you think?’  Never, ever a ‘yes, you’re right’ at the first negative. We take time. We’re taught to take time. Time to think, to brood, to sulk. And then, we react. We disagree.

We are selfish. We love our ideas. We love ourselves. Nobody can take that feeling away from us. Nobody dare take it. Because we believe that we’re perfect. We know it. We’re better than them. We’re smarter. We’re stronger. And we’re funnier than them. Those who think otherwise, just don’t know yet.

We believe only in ourselves.  No matter what the world thinks of us, we don’t really care. If they think they have point, we don’t think so. Because their point is way different from ours. And If we don’t think so then they cannot be right.

If we’re wrong, we need to feel so. We need to realise it. No extra efforts taken. If it dawns upon us, good for them. Good for us. Till then, they’re wrong and we’re right. We deny. We disagree. We agree only if we think so. Nobody can change that. And till we realise it, we live on. As super humans, as rebels as selfish human beings who cannot accept rejection. Our ego, as much as they may hate it, and as much we’re unaware of it, continues to be the emotion that controls us.