On the fence

‘So you love her?’ She asked. Her eyes yearning for a no. Her lips trembling with doubt. He nodded. ‘Yes.’ She noticed an uncertainity as the word fell. But his eyes were fixed as he looked ahead. Dodging a car that honked past. ‘I think I do’. He said. With his chin up this time, as if battling her doubtful eyes.

It flashed across her mind the whole night. The talk they had on their way back home. She smiled when she thought about him. She loved every moment she spent with him. But she also knew what she wished she didn't. That she wasn’t as important to him, as he was to her.

His world was very different from hers. He was nothing that she saw in her man. He was selfish. He could be mean. He laughed at her. And he really didn’t care. But he was different. That, she knew. She liked him, she as sure.

There was something, however, she didn’t know. And that kept her awake on various nights. She wondered what she meant to him. She feared if she’d be misunderstood. Perhaps it never ran through his mind. And she hated herself for feeling this way.

And that night after what he said, she felt distressed and anxious. Was he being true? Or did he lie? So that she’d cease the hope in her?


Dream. Smile. Live.

We’ve all been given two options. To be happy or not be happy. And everything depends on the choice we make. I chose to be happy. I chose to leave behind all that’s happened and to look forward to what’s in store for me with a wide smile. And I’m happy that I chose to be happy. :)

I mean, think about it. If life so far hasn’t been so good, there’s nothing much you can do about it now. But know what the best part is? That you have no clue what’s in store for you. And you have all the freedom to dream. And wait for the best. You can dream of a trip you might make, the man you may fall in love with, or a job that’ll give you all that you’ve always wished for. It’s a beautiful feeling. Reason why you’ll find me dreaming most of the time. :)

There could be another way of looking at it too. Think about what’s going to happen, fret, crib and spoil your present. Am sure most of us do that. I do it at times too. And that’s when I wonder why we think so much about something’s that’s yet to happen. Something that may never happen. Why waste time on it when you have complete control over your thoughts?

If it’s because it helps you prepare for the worst, I don’t think it’s worth it. Because honestly, nothing’s in our hands. No matter how hard you think or plan or whatever, life takes its own course. So it’s best to live the moment and dream of the future. :)

Nothing can be bad forever. Things got to change. And after all, hope is what keeps all of us alive, right? So smile. Life’s beautiful when you smile. :)