Keep Walking!

There was a time when I thought being in school and studying Math and Science took away all the fun that ought to be there in my life. I still believe so to a certain extent. If not for those nerve wrecking exams, I would have spent all my childhood watching TV, playing hide and seek or just sleep. Life would have been so beautiful then. I would look at how the baby next door gazed at blank spaces and laughed and envied her and her freedom! Lucky she! I would say. No exams, no books no nothing. She’s always carried around by someone. She cries when hungry and there’s food. Cries when sleepy and someone’s singing and putting her to sleep. Not fair!

And then the exams just pass by, (pun unintended) and you think that’s the end of all your sorrows in life. A new ray of light has touched you and life is at its best for the next two months! And then, there you are back at your desk. Cursing your fate all over again. And in between all this, your parents walk behind you telling you how important it is for you to study and why fun needs to take a back seat. Oh c’mon! What do they know about the trauma you are going through!

You crib, cry, sulk and finally fly out of the so called prison into a whole new world called college. Life suddenly looks so different. No hard rules. No dress codes. It’s freedom all the way! But prick! Just when you began smiling in your dreams, there comes the most painful part of your life (again). The guy for whom you waited ALL your life. (No matter how many came into your life during that wait) You think God sent him down only so that he meets you, falls in love with and gets married to you. Of course buying expensive gifts come along. And just when you thought he is THE MAN (after rahul, sameer, naveen and Karthik) he tells your best friend how beautiful she looks! Life can be so unfair!

And after living through another traumatic phase of your life, you enter the corporate world. You become financially independent. Life now moves the way you want it to. You take your own decisions. Life isn’t so bad after all. Well, it wouldn’t have been. If not for the nasty, nagging, selfish tyrant called Boss! He knows exactly how to make life miserable. Work loads, deadlines, nightmares! Life’s nothing but a series of failures!

And the saga continues. At every stage of life, you come face to face with a problem which forces you to see the world coming to an end. When you feel so, it helps when you pause a while, turn back and count the number of times you’ve moved on. Or rather life’s moved on. Like my friend says, if you solved equations at the age of 12, meeting deadlines at 25 is no big deal.


Jayasuryan said...

honestly i thought TBWA was doing sum campaign for Johny Walker
hi hi whn i saw d title
okei but dis gal has summed up her past(ofcourse ours too in a few minutes so beautifully)
sure life is like dat
"oru cheru poovil othungum athin chiri
kadalilum kollilathin kannir"
but still d world is a nicer place to live in
bcoz of people like u
so keep walking!

Umesh said...

Wo you summed up my life story too. But you tell me whats happiness? When will you be happy? When will it be when all our needs are met?

When i used to get a salary of 5k i used to save 1k and sulk saying if i had more money i could have spent that 1k. Now i get 10 times more than that and i still sulk coz my needs are not yet met.

I think we have to come to terms with the fact that we will never be happy and content in all ways. What we have to do is to appreciate the small happiness in our lives which we tend to overlook most of the time.

Avinash said...

Life is a balance between rest and movement... :)

Amit Durgapal said...

After all these years,still awaiting destiny. What would it be like? Only a continuation of a dream within a dream. Having traversed it all you find life crowded with empty spaces. What remains with you is as intangible as the twilight in the morning sky. Look for that twilight!

Anonymous said...

no words to say.....nice read...tru observation....

Vimal Pai said...

Awesome content and style!!! Sure, everyone would agree to the things you've said.
Happiness is a myth. it was invented to make us buy things!!!
(From a book I am currently reading)

jaya said...

I never knew my bubbly daughter could be so philosophical too!Keep up the good writing but don't let destiny carry you away into oblivion.Reach for the stars ,never give up,personally as well as professionally!Most important have faith in the Almighty.Prayers are the best medicine available over the counter without any prescription!All the best!!!!!Mumsu.

Saritha Rajagopal said...

@ jayasuryan: Thanks so much. Hope u continue feeling the same! :)With or without me. Am sure the world's gonna be a great place to live in.

@ Umesh: It's human to want more umesh. And we'll always have sme reason to feel sad about. But all we cn do is, thank our stars for having more things to feel happy about than sad.

@ Avinash: That makes sense! :)

@ Amit: Welcome to destiny awiated amit. Its so true that its hope that keeps all of us alive. And if not for that hope, life would have never moved on. It's indeed the twilight that's our inspiration.

@ anonymous: Thanks.

@vimal: Shantaram? Dat book seems to have covered all our emotions in it. There are parts which define all our lives I guess. Yet to read it. And hey, thanks for d compli!

@ jaya: Mumsuuuu!!! :) The biggest recognition anyone cn get is, parents aproving their work. Am so glad u liked it mumsuu! And wut u said is soo true! Will try not to take destiny for granted. And pray always. :) Love uu!!

orgasmik said...

Just discovered you!!

Vibin said...

I like (to) "Keep Walking". I guess you'll have to edit this one every couple of years. Do keep updating when you find your love, and when you get married to someone else :-), when you have kids, when to struggle to bring them up, when they start fighting back, when they get married and leave you and then finally when you await them to visit you for Onam.

Make sure that you keep walking until they say, "Whew!! From next Onam onwards we dont need to go home." I wouldn't like to write a blog "The Funeral" in my space until they say it. Hah!! Just kiddin...

Vik said...

I think what you had to write is a common genderless feeling that everyone in this planet earth feels like. The events in past remains in the mind and the urge to grow up fast to get some material benefits and independence is one that makes us work hard to get into the future with the present never being thoroughly enjoyed. So what happens is the lame feeling when you become old, is to look at the past and think "i wish" "if I could" "may be if " "could be"...

Eventually, one thing that I learnt recently by my experiences - which you know now, is not get too carried away to future and not to stay away from the past. But our present is the only way to connect to the past and hope for a better future. All about living for yourself, spending that elusive time for yourself, treat yourself, decorate yourself, praise yourself, beautify yourself. Hang out with friends who can laugh .. Write to me LOL.

Seriously a good post made me think just for one quick second and check if everything I did was in order :-)