My first tag!

Awrite, just when my blog was idle and people asked me why so, amooma comes in with an answer. :) I've just been tagged by her. And so here I am, after a looong break, writing something on my blog dearest!

I've always wondered what I wud write if someone tagged me. Coz the tags Ive come across so far are all long autobiographies. But thankfully, amooma made things easy fur me. With sumtin simpler.

Here's what i'm supposed to do:

1. Name the person with the link who tagged you.

2. Describe what you are asked to do, in this case publish 5th paragraph of page 123 of the book you are currently reading. (if the page does not have 5th paragraph, take the last paragraph. And if the book doesn’t have page no. 123, take the last page.)

3. Tag five people.

So here goes:

First question answered already.

2. I'm reading the Kite Runner. ( I havent reached the 123rd page!! :( But anyways...)

" Wasn't there some story floating around about Taheri's daughter?"

I said to Baba, trying to sound casual.

"You know me", Baba said, inching the bus along the queue exiting the flea
market. "Talk turns to gossip and I walk away."

"But there was, wasn't there?" I said.

"Why do you ask?" He was looking at me coyly.

I shrugged and fought back a smile. "Just curious, baba."

"Really? Is that all?" he said, his eyes playful, lingering on mine. "Has
she made an impression on you?"

I rolled my eyes. "Please Baba."

He smiled, and swung the bus out of the flea market. We headed for Highway
680. We drove in silence for a while. "All I've heard is that there was a man
once and things...didn't go well." He said this gravely, like he'd disclosed to
me that she had breast cancer.


Hmm, now I'm all excited about reading further. I like dis tag game!! ;) A nice book so far. Set in an afghan backdrop, I am in love with the two kids ( who i think will soon grow to be young men in the book) Hassan and Amir.

Ok, now my turn to tag. Get set guys!!!

1. Umesh! Has to be you. The reason im all alive and kicking here on bloggers! How cud I not tag u?? ;)
2. Rahul. Am sure u'll love it.
3. Mushi. Long time, no see? Where r u??
4. Nariyal Chutney. For that spice!
5. Addicted. One guy I can tag bindass.

Ok!!! Now get to work guys!!!! ( evil laugh)


Vivek said...

nice one....
but this tag game is like a relay..or else the money chain thing that comes into market in frequent intervals in different disguises....
But Sari.... the fifth para had many sub-paragraphs !!!?????

One thing abt the tag thing that i dont like is that the non-bloggers feel like the post is not for them.... but no complains.....


Amooma said...

Saritha, u know Divya from TH? She was raving abt the book for abt one moth earlier this yr. She had to write a book revew, chose this book. Read it,fell in love with it. And generally pent a lot of time educating the rest of us on the bk. Me included!:D
Hey! This is NC's tag, that came round to u. Speak abt payback!

Nariyal Chutney said...

Thank You Sarita , This was a tag that was passed to me by Neihal :)and I had passed it to Umesh and Amooma :P . Thoda delay ho gaya hein :P. Havent read Kiterunner but from your tag it seems to be an interesting book :)

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