Life Styles!

Kochi has been witnessing a sudden swirl in lifestyle. Big names in the fashion and lifestyle sector have entered the city. A welcome wind of change for most Kochiites and of course for the Non Keralite population settled here.

Brands like FabIndia, Levis, MTV et all have begun dominating the retail world of clothing. And not to mention the supermarket chains. Nilgiris, Fabmall, Spencers, and the latest entrant Reliance Fresh. All of these have, in a short span, won over the hearts of most Malayalee families.

Looks like these new entrants have taken their place. And are sure to stay. Those who once went in search of these names to cities like Chennai and Bangalore are now just a few yards away from their favourite brands. And can sure watch out, for bigger players joining in.


Sujit said...

u think its good or bad?????
feels sad 4 the small tme shop keepers.. but frm the customer point of view i got no complaints... cuz i feel it makes ur life much more easier.. u got mre choices n variety under one roof.. its cheaper also..

Anonymous said...

I feel that the ventures that have opened up recently in Kochi are a welcome change. As you said, people no longer need to be in a big city to enjoy a branded lunch/ shopping.
Its actually very interesting to notice that the industries have kept in mind the likes of the middle class too, who couldnt have imagined being in a Subway or MTV shoppe a decade ago.
Well...Kochiites, welcome to the branded world!!!!

craving to love life said...

nice dream,...but the kerala govt is already trying to pass a legislature to close down all the organised retailers,...not jus the upcoming ones,...but also the existing ones,..it may v.wel be a case o so near and yet so far after all,..besides, teh gr8st irony wud be tat the reliance fresh was inaugurated by CPIM mla and tha same guy was present at the protest march

JudeTheObscure said...

Hey there,

Not a bad one here, But through out the post i was lookin for an openion. Didnt find any in here, however,keep posting.


Umesh said...

Its so bad that the government is so adamant on stopping the commercial growth of their own state. On one side they get the smartcity deal done and then they block all the developments which happen as a result of the IT penetration (purchasing power). I dont know if they are in their right sense.

Anyways its good to know that big brands are coming to Kochi and its good if they stay.

Vik said...

Good.. Sounds like someone's shopping bill just spiked up a bit :-)

Good for you guys there I think. :-)