Weight Laws!

I badly want to lose weight. But not so badly that I’ll wake up at 6 am to go gymming. Or not so badly that I can give up on good food. But I have to lose weight like badly! Ok, now don’t give me that look. I’ve got enough of those and even more from people who'e heard my fundas about the whole thing.

The very first time I consciously got into a weight loss programme was four years back. I remember walking into a gym and watching people work out like there was an invasion expected and people who were fat would be beheaded. So much involvement, so much dedication.

I looked at them and then at myself. And in a day I was there too. Working out equally hard! Believe it or not, I would wake up early morning and drag myself to the gym and work out for 2 straight long hours! I was so proud of myself. I loved it when people looked at me the same way I looked at some others a few weeks back!

It went on for nearly 6 months. At the end of which, I was beginning to get used to people's comments. “You’ve lost weight”, “Hey what have you been doing?” And I would just shrug and say, “Nothing. I just workout a lil bit.” Yeah right! And once I was done with all the praises and feeling good, I was soon back to my old self. Over confidence I guess – that "Oh It just takes a few visits to the gym to get rid of that!" feeling. The few visits however never happened.

I tried hard to keep my eyes open and get myself on the treadmill. But the josh was no longer there! I felt too heavy in my head (Pun intended, Of course) to keep it going.

The following weeks and months saw various new ways to lose weight take shape! The GM diet, skipping, crunches (the max I did were 15?). Finally one worked! The no rice and a lot of veggies diet!

Man! Did it work wonders! I slept as much as I wished! Ate all the food I liked. And still managed to shrink. All I did was replace my lunch with veggies and give up on rice completely (2-3 spoons not counted)!

I remember the looks I got when I told people the way my diet worked! Comments like, “That’s not how it works”, “You’ll only fall sick.” Or just a mere shake of the head (Mallu style) meaning ya right, came in abundance!

The winner was, “Nothing’s going to happen. Wait and watch! You’ll remain the way you are!” I found myself searching for a vase then!

I know it’s hard to believe that you get to eat what you like and still lose weight. The lunch was all that I gave up. And that too not completely. I did gorge on rotis sometimes. Soups and fruit juices kept me going.

But the best part of all this was I could look forward to dinner! That was when I would pamper my taste buds by treating it to some yummy stuff I could bite into! And when it worked, it was once again compliment time! Oh, how I loved it when I shared the secret with those “wise” ones!

Then soon, Chennai happened. Away from home, left with no choice. I either had to cook my own food or eat what I got. Make a wild guess what I chose! I began eating anything and everything I got my hands on. With a heavy heart and (most often a heavy stomach) I saw them come back! All the fat that I got rid of with the rice was making its presence felt once again.

And now, as I write this, I wonder what I should have for dinner. The no rice diet has struck and eyebrows are raised again. But it doesn’t look like I’ll stick by it this time. For once, I’ll let the wise ones be. So much for the two divine creations called food and sleep!


naitra said...

Babe, I tried the GM diet. It kinda helped. I liked the "eat all the veggies u want" part. But, I wanna tell you that 6am stuff is crap. dawn breaks at 8am. ok? and instead of the diet, Ive now started swimming. makes me feel happy. if u r happy, the weight doesn't show. i swear. try something u enjoy doing :) (don't say eating!)

Jayasuryan P said...

Simply live in d moment

The human body is a machine, a machine which can overtake the most complex of electromechanical gadgets man has ever made, just by its sheer co-ordination, existence and by carelessly swaying to the whims of its indisputable master stuffed with gray cells – the human brain. But the human body has its limitations. The more rigorous strain it is put to, it will need some time to recharge after that. That is why almost every person of earth sleeps. By sleeping, you are knocked off from the real world, and in that world of glossy dreams, your body finds its solace and gets recharged.
For the body, probably an hour or two hours of sleep is enough to get recharged. But what about the brain? What about the mind? It is always working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When we doze off, the sub-conscious mind knocks down the conscious mind and gets its act together. When we wake up, the sub-conscious mind takes a back seat. There is no state of rest for mind. When the mind is clogged, frustrations creep in and affect the daily rhythm of each and every one of us. The clogging of the mind can be stopped and the mind can become healthy by meditation.
Meditation is the food for mind. The mind doesn't ask for food when it is hungry, unlike your stomach, which almost roars when kept empty for a long period of time. The mind is like a silent obedient servant, always at the disposal of the master. Through mediation the mind can be made to calm down and made to vibrate only in those areas, which are viable for our mental and physical harmony. By riding the car of meditation, the mind can be made to turn away from those unwanted human emotions of anger, jealously, thoughtless pondering, fear.
Just go to a place, where you won't be disturbed for some time, say at least 15 minutes or so. Let it be a place where you can feel relaxed. This is very essential. Relaxation is the ignition if you want to have a smooth drive towards meditation. Now close your eyes. Just forget about yourself. Forget what you are, how you are, who is yours or what is your problem. Don’t get too conscious about anything……It doesn’t matter whether you remain slim or chubby…It should happen naturally…Don’t try to change your life styles every time. Keep a rhythm…Just listen to your inner voice….Remember the first one will be true..the second voice will be your mind trying to cheat you with temptations…your alter ego..Live in the moment…Keep it simple..To be honest I don’t want to c a slim Saritha..I luv d chubby gud ol bubbly one!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Meditation Guru(^) do u know anything abt Meditation?? Have you ever given it a try??...
ahem.. chase for the women makes Man thoughts go frantic..
crazy world this is..

Jayasuryan P said...

yes Mr Anonymous!!
yup i knw one thing loud n clear 'sure its not d cup of tea for anonymous people like u'
n ofcourse i luv chasing d women
d one with character n stuff
not d 'snobs'

Anonymous said...

Wish u Goodluck man..

Saritha Rajagopal said...

@Naitu: GM diet is a torture man! Dont think I'll ever do it. And swimming...think-able! Now to thinm of wut keeps me happy! Its yapping away to glory! lol. Does dat help?? PLS SAY YES!

Saritha Rajagopal said...

@Jaya: Thanks a lot for taking all d pain and giving me dt info Jaya. I seriously shud think of getting into meditation. Not just to lose weight but also to stop my mind from wandering. Coming to think of it, that's more important for me at d moment than losing weight. :) Thanks again! That comment made a lot of sense.

Saritha Rajagopal said...

@Anony: Thanks for dropping by.

Umesh said...

Even i want to lose weight, get a flat ab, no i dont want 6/8 packs and all, i'm not an ahamkaari. But i envy every one with a flat ab.

I'm ok with gymming provided its two steps from my home. Unfortunately there isn't a gym next to my house. I dont mind a diet which is less complex and easy to follow. I liked the no rice for lunch funda. But veggies means is a veg curry included? Can i have a piece of chicken?

Anyway good luck for the weight loss program. Ya even i like slim and slender girls. (Even though i'm a thadiyan) :-)