It's nothing.

Sometimes all you need to be happy, is nothing. Nothing in your mind, nothing in your head, and (sometimes) nothing in your wallet either. Absolute emptiness. Yogis call it the art of meditating. I’d call it pure bliss. Because when there’s nothing to worry about, you have nothing to worry about. So let’s see. How easy is it to close your eyes and dance to a tune you can’t hear? Every chord, every beat, every string so clear, that you wake up to hear the noise in a silent room. Ever been able to keep your head void of every little sound that your mind makes? That of fear, that of doubt, maybe a giggle or a tiny tear? How far does your head go to seal itself from what the mind echoes? And who decides what enters the mind and what stays outside? You? Who else? All that’s in there is what’s out there. Right from bad coffee to bad tempers. Goof ups to higher ups. Pretty smiles to forgotten ones. That one line to a million other expressions. It all goes in there and like a bunch of tiny tots jabber all way long. Leaving you with not an inch left for that speck of silence you were looking for. You try hard, go deep inside in search of that piece of mind. But rarely find it. Not that easy when there’s a clutter you have to go through. I’d think that the simplest way to find a way out, would be to find the way in. If you do, then be the friendly guard who lets in the good and sends back the bad. Because the good, they talk, but only when you want them to. And when they don’t, close your eyes and dance to a tune you can’t hear. J

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