I mean, you probably have magical powers or something. Or wait, you must be like Vicky in small wonder, the scientifically programmed robot? You programme yourself to listen and then delete everything once you’re done, and that way, make space for the next time. Or oh I know. I’ll tell you. Your memory gets erased every night, so when you wake up the next day you don’t remember a word we’ve spoken the previous day. No? Hey! It’s got to be one of these, right? How on earth otherwise, dear friend, do you manage to listen to me sulk and crib every damn time and still like calling me your friend?

I love you dear one for being the way you are. I know I’ve been a pain with my eternal saga of “issues”. I swear, I’ve tried to solve them myself. But nothing seems to work like talking with you at length. The way you make it seem like I’ve just started on my woes when I’m almost two hours through. The way you smile at my biggest problem and laugh at my silly findings. And the way you listen to me with a serious face, like I’m echoing your problems and not mine. And then take me out of the mess, carefully, cleverly, not hurting me even a lil bit. None but you, my friend can do so.

I want to hold tight on to you, so that I never have to leave you. Cos honestly, I wouldn’t blame you if you ever thought of running away. With a friend like me, it’s nothing, but natural. But before you do, please do leave me a note telling me where I can find you. So that I can follow you wherever you go. :D Cos I fear my friend, that I wouldn’t be able to do without you. When you look into my eye, I know it's my mind that you see. And none but you can possibly reach that far.

So my conscience, my friend, my surprise gift from heaven, let me tell you this if I haven’t before, you’re truly special and will always remain so.

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