He walked into her cabin to find someone else sitting in her place. She smiled at him like she was expecting him. So he smiled back, half a smile, at the stranger who seemed to know him pretty well. He said hi, and fumbled for the next set of words. She responded with a chirpy giggle, followed by an update on her weekend. He found an uncanny resemblance. She sounded like her. The giggles, the pauses, the raise of the eyebrows. And yet, it wasn’t her. Creepy, he thought. And then, her phone rang. “Hey Bob!” she answered. Bob, his senior, was never great with newcomers. Forget calling them on their first day, many a time he’d pass by them and behave like they never existed. For months together. And then this. She has a 3-minute long conversation with him on a project that’s been on for the past 3 weeks. She’s been here for what, 3 hours? WTF! Somewhere in between, she caught him stare at her. ‘Are you alright Tim?” Startled, he looked away, mumbled ‘yup Im ok’ and then fixed his eyes back on her. She noticed that something was wrong. But left it at that. She walked out with a file in her hands and his eyes following her. Outside, Joanna sipped on her coffee near the vending machine. Sarah walked by and Joanna smiled her flashiest smile seeing her. ‘You got a haircut!!!’ She squealed! Sarah, overwhelmed at first, soon calmed down. And with a frown replied, “And Tim doesn’t seem to like it.”

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Oh cute. Emotions and feelings ;)