It’s so cool no? What’s so cool? Whatever. Everything. We live in a cool world. Yeah. And we do cool stuff. Aha! We find this cool and that cool. Cool is so the in thing. Cool is so hot! One fine day, you wake up to find out that everything, that was once hardly even noticed, has now become cool. So many cool things around us. So many cool people around us. Wearing bathroom slippers to office is cool! He who uses the “F” word in place of every second word is oh so cool! And she who uses the “F” word is oh so cooler! Fighting with the auto waala and winning is aah cool! The reply to a “I’m sick today” SMS is “cool! Ugh! What’s so cool about using cool? There ought to be a cooler word than cool? But look around and you’ll see how cool, cool is. Falling in love with a man twenty years older to you is cool. A woman conceiving a kid in her seventies is cool. A kid who calls her mother by her name is cool. How uncool! A forty year old man with salt and pepper hair is cool. Oh yeah! ;) Knowing that it’s “my” life at 18 is cool. Doing my own thing at 20 is cool. Ignoring questions is cool. Cool comebacks are cool! Doing what the world doesn’t do is cool. Doing what’s not so cool, is cool! “Ok” is so out “cool” is so in. I’ll be late. Cool. So let’s do that. Cool. Get lost, you! Cool. If the question’s cool. The answer’s cool.
Maybe cool should become a religion. So everyone who belongs to cool, will be cool. A cool guy can get married to a cool girl. There’ll be cool temples or cool churches. Cool festivals. Cool rituals. Everything about cool will be cool. Cool Gods. Cool prayers. Oh wow! Now that’ll be soo cool! I’ll convert to cool-ism! And make my kids cool. I’ll be a cool mom! They’ll go to cool institutions. And learn cool stuff! Cool will be the coolest thing!
So here’s to a cool world. A world full of cool people! ;)


Destiny Calling said...

What if yellow is 'cowards' color
you use a template that smell sunflower
Life it seems drawn a full circle
that you are just back to your old blog.

Njan Kuruvi said...

Hahaha!!! That was cool, indeed.

From the ashes! said...

I love your post. Looking at the word "Cool" more than 2 times can make it look really uncool though :D