Shoo Cow!

A random ranting dedicated to the cows of the world. You cow out there, this one’s for you!

Such cowards, these cows.

So little, their thoughts

Their tails, so long.

Their horns, so sharp.

And yet so dumb.

Such cowards, these cows.

They moo as the pout

Or pout as they moo

That’s all they do

Such cowards, these cows.

They chew and spit

And chew and spit

They take it back in

And squeeze it all out

Oh cow do you know how fake you look?

With those big fat lips, and that stained brown teeth.

You poker faced meat, oh you poor thing, you.

I love you, yes, but I pity you too.

You thick skinned fellah

You dirty old creep

Go dig some junk

And dig deep in.

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