My bedtime story.

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Sara. She lived on the hill, in a room full of stars. But she cried almost everyday because she was in love with the moon. Though the stars shined bright and played along with her, she still missed the moon, to be with whom she wished upon every star.

So one day, Sara decided to write a letter to the moon. She started by saying,

My dear moon,

I see you from my window everyday

And wonder as I do

Do you want to come down and play?

Do you love me the way I do?

As she wrote the letter, she looked outside the window. To see if the moon was listening to all that she had to say.

I love you so much my dear moon

I love you with all my heart

I wish there was a way I could make you mine

And never had to part

Just then, Sara thought she saw the moon smile. She wiped away her tears and continued writing, now with a smile.

People say I’m funny and weird

They think I’m being too silly

But what can I do if I love you so?

So what if I’m a lil crazy?

Dear moon, I know you’re too far

Farther than the dreams I see

But I can’t seem to stop loving you

And wishing you were with me.

Sara put down her pen and looked outside as the moon shined. And then, as if they spoke, and the moon had something to say, Sara wrote a few more lines. And closed her book after she did.

I may perhaps never reach you

Or never be able to play with you

But I’m sure I’ll never have to miss you

Coz no matter where I go I know where to find you.



Pointblank said...

Saritha, beautiful lines... Ur words have a lot of depth. I loved it:)... Keep writing... U will get ur "moon" soon ;P

Saritha Rajagopal said...

Thanks girl! :)

Vinitha Vasanth said...

So sweet .. :)