When sari met panjo!

Not all people you meet form an integral part of your life. Especially when you meet hundreds of them and you’re the kinds who’d befriend them all. Some just stay. In a corner of your heart, but accessible whenever you need them.

Panjo aka Anjo Jose Kandathil, is one such friend I’ve made. Someone whom I couldn’t help noticing on my first day of work at Mudra Cochin. You’d know why, if you’ve seen him. His characteristic hairstyle, amongst others, makes him stand out from the rest. This guy went on to become my closest friend in Mudra Cochin. And one of the very few reasons I’m still here.

“Life’s good right?” That’s where it all started. On a Sunday afternoon, a window pops up on my laptop screen with these words written on it. I couldn’t help but smile and type back, “Oh yes, it is!” There. That’s all it took. What started as a gtalk conversation is today my daily dose of cheer and positive energy.

Surprising, that I’m writing this today, given the fact that our level of interaction during the first few days was nothing more than ‘hey, is the work done?’ He was just another client servicing guy any creative person would secretly detest. Briefs, deadlines, pressure. Nothing better described this breed. And he was one of them. Little did I know that this guy would end up being the one I’d discuss all my ideas with and have me ponder over his criticism. Hate to say this, but this guy makes sense. Most of the time.

And by that I don’t mean work alone. To him, no problem’s too big. And so to me, he was agony unc. I could talk to him for hours together, to finally hear a “ashey! athrey ulla?” or a “athinipentha”! And if he says this, be sure of a solution. If nothing else, he’d make sure he brings a smile on your face. Coz every conversation ends with, “you happy no?” Now, what more could you ask for?

How we became this close, nobody knows. Neither do I. All I know is that this guy’s today, a friend, a girlfriend, (how I love bitching to him) an uncle, a dad and sometimes even a grandfather to me! Try asking him questions that surround life and it’s weird ways, hows and whats, whys and why nots, Panjo has an answer for them all. I’ve got an answer every time I needed one.

He’s a find. A very rare one. Today, on his birthday I’d like to tell him this:

“Panjo, have lunch on time. Don’t make me call you for two hours every day and finally eat at 4 in the evening!

If somebody calls you, return the call. Don’t just say you were busy and forget about it.

When somebody calls out to you, respond. If you decide to meet someone at 4, meet them at 4.

If you think you’ll take half an hour, don’t tell them you’ll be there in ten minutes.

I’m not sure how many of those you’re going to remember, but these, you better.

You’re irreplaceable.

You’re my most favourite friend.

You have the sweetest way of saying “im sorry”

Switch to creative. U belong there!

Your films are going to have halls full!

You better be the way you are. Adorable!

Happy bday Panjo! You deserve nothing but the best.



Trendsetters said...

u r lucky

Pointblank said...

You are lucky sari to get a friend like that... nice post :)