Praying for a miracle.

Everybody has a reason to pray.
How true. And it’s funny how all of us use prayer as some kind of a wish that’s been granted to us by a genie. The minute your realize you need something badly, you just close your eyes, frown hard and then repeat your “wish” ten times and then wait for “poof!” the miracle to happen.

And it’s funnier when people want YOU to do the wishing/praying for them.

Pauly: Sari, I want you to pray for me.
Me: Sure Pauly. What’s it for?
Pauly: There’s this business I’m into.
Me: Aah ok. So you want me to pray for the business to do well?
Pauly: No.No.
Me: Then?
Pauly: Actually, am sending a consignment from Blore to China tmrw.
Me: Oh cool. So you want me to pray that the consignment reaches safe?
Pauly: Noo sari! This consignment will be sent to Dubai.
Me: Aha. So..you
Pauly: No that’s also not what I want you to pray. The consignment has around 3000 Blackberry phones. And they will be sent to the poor and underprivileged around the world.
Me: Umm…
Pauly: Yea. So I want you to pray that they buy the blackberry.
Me: You want me to pray that the underprivileged buy the blackberry, right Pauly?
Pauly: (Now smiling): Yeah!!
Me: And wow much does a Blackberry cost Pauly?
Pauly: Umm..30,000 Rupees?

Wonder if Genies exist.


Vivek said...

nice to one start the day with....
Infact I wanted to ask u to pray something for me....
but never mind...
I will ask someone else who doesnt have a blog.. ;-)

Museem said...

Well Genies and even Fairy Godmothers exist....but unfortunately they have just put in their resignations in the God's Office of Requests due to dire mental stress caused by Pauly and his underprivileged Blackberrys.

DARN!!! with those fellas gone..it seems i have to carve out a miracle all by myself.. SIGH!!!


Aloha Saritha Rajagopal
From Paradise
YOU are a miracle

And you have a wise friend

Miracles are always perfect

Understanding always 'helps'
Pauly meant that he wanted you to pray that all the poor people in the world would be able to afford to buy one of his Blackberrys

In America we call that blackberry jam. . .