I don't like it, when we don't speak.
I hate the silence, it makes me weak.
I know you're near, although so far.
But how I wish, I were the star,
That sees you smile, wherever you are.

I feel alone, amidst a crowd.
I cry at night, wishing you were around.
A fear within says will something go wrong.
But a voice assures, it'll soon be morn.
And with you, I'll be a whole life long.

I see your face, I read your mind.
I hear you say, a way we'll find.
It's you I seek, when I feel low.
It's you I want, and nothing more.
So, please come back and never go.


Anonymous said...

Dear Saritha ,
Nice poem ... you seriously write well ... actually , I am a regular reader of your blog ...sometimes I feel we share the same thoughts , just that you can very well express them in writing ! Keep blogging ..best wishes !!

Anonymous said...

By the way , you've added beautiful pics alongside your posts ..nice idea ...

--xh-- said...

touching lines... 'I feel alone, amidst a crowd' a feeling dreaded my many... once by me too...

very nice da.. like it a lot... you put down the emotions well...

g-man said...

wow, had no idea there were so many optimists out there...

Pointblank said...

hey sari... I liked the lines... siimple, yet meaningful... made a good read!

Balu said...

Good day Saritha,

Thats a lovely poem indeed!
Keep writing!

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

was looking at blogs..came across your blog..read few of the blogs..:)..cute blogs!!! keep writing dear.. :)also you sense of rhyming is really great!!!

Nithin Jayan said...

that was cool..real cool...!!! n hi...!!!