It's different!

Some people like to be different. And that's all they like to be. Different from everyone. And the way they try hard to be so! It becomes so predcitable after a while. You knw what's going on in their mind. You know what they'd have to say about something.

And somehow you tend to give less importance to their opinion. Coz you aren't sure whether they really mean what they're saying. Or they're just saying it for the sake of being different. For example, when a whole bunch of people think a movie is made really well, this particular category of people may differ in opinion. He/she may deny it completely, and think the film was crap!

Probably they really meant it. Perhaps they do have an opinion of their own. But after a certain while, it comes quite redundant. You begin wondering if they did feel so. You tend to think otherwise. And so even if they do have a serious opinion about something, you aren't sure about it.

It's their way of standing out in a crowd. Coz when they say something different, all heads turn to them and ask them why they felt so. And that's all that they want. And well, if they have their arguments in place then kudos to them!

We all do it. We've all wanted to be different at some point or the other. And we've been so some way or the other. Either by arguing with out folks, fighting for our rights, convincing them that we're right, differing from what they have to say. Not really because they're wrong, but because you don't want to admit that they are right.

To let them know that you have an opinion of your own too. That you no longer need them to
decide for you. And no matter how hard they try to make you understand, you try harder to prove your point.

We do it to impress someone at times. By going against what the group thinks and giving your own piece of argument for it. And then you become the centre of attraction. It's your opinion that begins to matter.

Similarly, when a group agrees on a virtue in you. There'll definitly be someone who wishes to disagree. Which may or may not hurt you. You either take it as a constructive critiscism or as one of those "wanna be different" comments.

We defy, defend, disrupt, deviate do everything. Just to be different. Like the old malayalam saying " mookilla raajyathe murumookan raajav" In a land of noseless people, the one with a cut nose becomes king!

So, how long does being different for the sake of it, really make you so? I think if we really think different, then we better make a difference with it. That's where the difference lies!


Vivek said...

The difference of being different lies in the difference between the different minds of the different people thinking differently about the different things in different ways and different ideas to get different results so that they can stay different even in different ways....

I know it doesnt make any meaning....

But "Its different"

craving to love life said...

nice thing to write about,...but i think u wer r lil too stren on the thinking diff ppl,...wat if der are ppl hu do think differently,not for the reason u stated,...but the best part abt them id tat dey don care wat others think o say,...similarly, der mayb ppl hu want to think diff, think for themselves,...but the society doesn alow them to, the usual stigmas tat exist forbid them to do so,...kudos is not for the ppl hu can argue the difference in their thot,...kudos is for those hu think in their own ways,...cuz even thinkin diff ppl have been categorised by u,...the ppl am talking abt cant b categorised,..for each one is different, each one is a separate category,....give the topic of god to atheist and bliver,...atheists are supp to b diff,...but the real diff ppl are the ones hu have thot abt the concept of god and found god their way,...these ppl can fall in atheists and belivers,...

Sujit said...

quite rite said..
most people love attention.. in sum it jus runs in their blood.. there isnt mch we cn do..
evn i cum across such species.. cuz u cn generally make out wthr one is arguing with reasoning or not.. bt again amng them, some smart lot can convince u easliy.. u shld give them sum share of cmpliment but the rest a lot shld jus be told 2 keep their mouth shut :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

Very Interesting Post , rather different post . Agree with you about those people who are "being different for the sake of it". It is pretty boring :( and that difference is articficial which we can feel. Now there is something that is truly good about difference also. Dont you think that Mammootty's dance is totally different from Mohanalal or for that matter anyone else :D. It is not because he is trying to be different is it ?. It is simply because he does it in a different way.Likewise dont you think that there are some times when people are genuinely different .

Umesh said...

Some people can be different as they refuse to go by the public views and stick to their own. I'm like that especially when it comes to movies. I generally like movies which the public hates and vice versa and i stick to my guns against the public opinions and most of them time end up made fun of.

I remember watching aparna sen's 15, Park Avenue and i didnt like it for the reason that i didnt understand the movie. When the movie was over people started saying its a great movie and all that and i kept on saying its bakwaas. Later i figured out that the people who said its great neither did they understand the movie.

Saritha Rajagopal said...

@Vivek: Wow! Now dats wut u call a different opinion! ;)

@ Craving: I've specifically spoken about people who be different for the heck of it. They do it for nothing more than attention. For the who have an opinion of their own, a valid one, heads down in respect dude! Always!

@Sujit: Glad u felt the same! Lets begin a Morcha against this clan. Wut say? ;)

@ NC:I definitly agree with you. The point I was trying to make was only refering to opinions people make. I have nutin against weird dress senses, acting styles or anytin of dat sort. And Like ive mentioned in my post, I bow down to those who are really different. Ever seen the Apple Commercial?

@Umesh: :) U dont fall under the category Im talking about. ;) No doubts.