I am not a feminist. And I do not fight for equal rights. I think women are awesome. And we don’t need to be compared with men.

I watched PINK yesterday and haven’t stopped thinking about it, since. Haven’t other movies done that to me before? Oh yes, they have. They’ve got me thinking too. About how crisp the script was. How brilliant the performances were. And how beautifully they’ve portrayed such a beautiful subject.

But PINK, got me thinking about myself. And no, not too many movies have done THAT before.

I walked into the movie hall, like most other girls, looking forward to some serious male bashing. Prepping myself to applaud shamelessly, if I felt like it. And whistle, if I could, every time Big B made an appearance. But I took myself by surprise.

A few minutes into the movie and I realized I wasn’t part of the audience anymore. I was one of the girls. What happened on screen, was happening to me. The fear, the angst, the rage. And most importantly, the helplessness.

What I did shamelessly, was cry. When the rest of the crowd clapped, I sniffled. When they repeated dialogues to their friends, I repeated them to myself and cringed.

PINK is the story of every girl. Single, Married, South Indian or North Eastern. Pink is the story of every girl, who has had to explain herself. It speaks to each one of them, about each one of them.

It asks questions. It raises doubts. And most importantly, it talks to you. In the voice of Amitabh Bachan. And then, by the end of the movie, you’re left feeling like something’s just hit you. Like a strange sense of reality. About the society in which you live. The men you’ve met in the past and may meet in future. And most importantly, about yourself.

PINK does not tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. What it does, is leave you feeling uncomfortable. And that’s a good thing. So watch it.

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